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Growing up my mother was a big antiques buff and we spent many happy hours combing antique stores for wonderful things with a past. When I was a kid I was facinated with Victorian clothing, and at the time you could still find quite a few pieces for reasonable prices. Later in my early 20's and during the punk/new wave era, I discovered 50's clothing. Because I lived in New York there was no end to the unique fashions I could find, from circle skirts to bowling shirts. I never lost my passion for the unique and beautiful. Mall shopping never interested me because anyone can do that. It takes the creative mind to find something different and know how to put it together as an outfit and a "look". Since I have collected so much I felt it was time to share. Also by sharing I could purchase more without feeling guilty! And another benefit to having a vintage clothing website is that when you get tired of something (or grow out of it) you can just put it out on the rack!

Most of the items I sell are vintage. Please understand that they are not always perfect. I try to describe any issues as best as I can. Vintage has history, please love it as it is, because it has beauty!

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