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Welcome to the Gee, Ginger Quiz Page!
Every now and then we will be posting a quiz.
All answers can be found on the website.
Just copy and paste the following into an email and sumbit your answers
for the chance to win 20% off a single purchase!

Our own ____________________(name) models some of our items.
Frozen Smiles are ______________________________(description).
Sweetheart necklines are generally from what era? _______________
What two types of jokes are my favorite? ____________________________________________________
What radio station are we linked to? _______________________
When I was a kid, what era clothing was I facinated with? _____________________
Does carry men's wear? _____________________(yes or no)
What are our Pillows named? _____________________________
What shopping cart do we use? ___________________________________
What is retrolite? ___________________________________________
What is "give"? _____________________________________________
What style of hemline was the height of fashion in the 1920s? ___________________________________
In what era were enamel flower pins popular? _____________________________________
Posted on the website is an instructional video on how to do something with shoes, what is it? __________________________________________________________
Where did I live in my early 20s? _________________________________________


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